Are You at a Career Crossroads?

Perhaps you…

  • Have been successful with your career and you are wondering what is next.
  • Are restless or dissatisfied with your current career situation.
  • Have lost or resigned from your job and need to begin a search immediately.
  • Sense major changes will occur soon, which may impact the security of your current position.
  • Need strategies to launch an effective job search: assessment, resume update, verbal presentation, networking, interviewing and negotiation.
  • Need help in expanding your professional network of contacts to manage your career.
  • Would like to improve your personal branding and visibility through LinkedIn and social media.
  • Are looking for more flexibility or a more satisfying work/life balance.
  • Are thinking of launching a consulting business.
  • Would value advice on transitioning toward retirement and/or developing an enjoyable “encore career.”

Contact Donna to set up a one-hour “Career Review Session” ($195) to review your career path, discuss what’s working and what’s not working well, identify key issues and needs, and set the direction for next steps!